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Somatic Psychotherapy & Integrated Counseling

Where the Inner Life Meets The Outside World

Beyond Talk Therapy

Integrated Counseling combines Somatic Psychotherapy, Neurobiology, Behavioral change, and Holistic practice to help people lead better lives.

Specialized Skills

Information about my specialized skills

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Areas of Focus

The clients who often find my work helpful.

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Integrated Counseling

Change comes from integrating tools for the whole system; mind, brain, and body.


Why Clients Choose to Work With Me

Trauma & PTS/D

Chronic Pain

Attachment Disruption

Life Transition


Somatic Experiencing


Shoshanna Willner, LPCC, SEP, PMP – licensed in CA and Texas, coaching for people everywhere else. I am a Mental Health provider with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling. In my work, I integrate psychotherapy, neuropsychology and biopsychology, behavioral change, and holistic practice to support my clients in living a better life.

I work with clients on issues of complicated trauma, PTS/D, anxiety, and dysregulation ● chronic pain, medical trauma, and bio-psychological issues like insomnia and migraine ● attachment disruption, abuse and neglect, and personality disorder ● life transition, transformation, and habit change.

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